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Baptism Formation

baptismThe Baptismal Committee offers those bringing a child to be baptized at St. Sebastian’s a warm welcome to the parish. On the night of instruction the topics covered are: information about the sacrament, what will happen on the day of baptism, the importance of a Catholic upbringing, the example the parents should set for the child, the importance of choosing godparents, and the possibility of having the relationship recognized by the Church if it isn’t. They inform those coming to the class that the priests, deacons and staff are always available if there
is a matter that needs to be addressed. At the day of baptism, the Committee members are there to facilitate and assist the priest or deacon and continue to extend a warm welcome to the family and friends present. Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation and it is a wonderful and joyful time of celebration.

– Deacon Steve