This past week we had a wonderful celebration of Catholic schools week at St. Sebastian Academy. It was an opportunity for us to recognize the great work that is being done at our Academy. Catholic education continues to be of importance to us in Woodside. We are proud of our students and all their hard work and the contributions they make to our school community. I thank them for embracing all that the Academy has to offer.

I am happy to repeat that our 8th graders received close to $ 583,000 in scholarships for the various high schools they applied to! I can’t tell you how proud I am of them! They have worked so very hard thanks to the direction given to them by their teachers. Job well done, my friends!

Finally, I thank those of you who contributed to the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal. Our parish was short our goal by $28,000. I have received a better from the diocese asking that the parish make up the difference so the Bishop can continue the Lord’s work in the Diocese of Brooklyn!

Thanks for your support.

Rev. Kevin Abels,

Healing the mother of Peter’s wife