Next Saturday, January 20th, is the feast of St. Sebastian. We will be having a special Mass in English and Spanish at 12noon in the Church. I hope many of you can attend. It’s important that we celebrate our Patron Saint each year as an opportunity to seek all the graces from him in order to ask God’s guidance on all that we will do in His name.

Next week I will be attending a meeting here in the parish regarding our beloved Parish Center. We are truly blessed to have a Parish Center which will celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary next year. The Parish Center continues to be a bright beacon of hope for the many children in our parish and community. Many of you and your children, both now and in the past, have benefited from the center. I continue to be grateful to our director, Harry Connor, and his staff for the time, hard work and dedication that goes into running a Center like ours. Harry and I will do our part, which is to continue to meet with a committee of my choosing to look at the overall running of the Center and to plan various fundraising activities as possible. I ask you to do your part, which is to seriously consider becoming members of the Center and for participate in the many events planned in the future. We have to at least try to ensure, that the center will continue to be an important part of our community for many years to come!

Finally, I am looking for people to volunteer to serve as ministers of Hospitality for our Parish. The commitment involves welcoming people as they come into the Church and staying after Mass to be of help to them in any way possible. I am looking for people to serve at any Mass of their choosing. Let me know!

Thanks for your support!

Jesus calls Simon and Andrew

Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor