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Last Saturday I had a special Mass for the great country of Ireland! I thank many of our parishioners for taking the time out to pray for the people of Ireland, that amidst the troubles and evils of our time, they might continue to remain close to the Lord, and not despair. Evil unfortunately will always be a part of our society. We must strengthen our resolve to intensify our prayers and not give in to the evil that surrounds you. After this special Mass for Ireland, we had a reception. I went to each table and asked some of our Irish Parishioners who were present to give me some ideas of how our parish can reach out to the young Irish families in and around our communities.

This task will be one of my priorities in the new upcoming pastoral year in September. If anyone has ideas for me, please send it to me either by e-mail ( or by dropping off your ideas at the rectory. After gathering many ideas possible, I will be putting together a committee of Irish parishioners, to help me to put together pastoral plan for the parish in the fall. I thank you and look forward to hearing from the members of the Irish Community!

Thanks for your support!

Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor

Birth of St. John the Baptist