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Our Students form St. Sebastian Catholic Academy received their First Penance in Saturday. It was, for me, a true experience of the Lord’s forgiveness in their lives. It’s great that their First Penance falls during the season of Lent! Lent is a time in which we intensify our desire to change our lives and to become more and more like Christ! A lot of people ask me: “Why do we have young children go to confession? Simply put, the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliations, like all of the seven Sacraments, is an encounter with the living Christ. Jesus is experienced in all the sacraments and grace, which is God’s presence, is given to all who celebrate the sacraments. We want young children, when receiving the Sacrament of Penance, to have a loving encounter with Jesus and to experience His never-ending presence in their lives. We want them to experience this as early as possible in their lives. So it’s NOT so much what sins they confess, it’s more about experiencing God’s love and Mercy!

This weekend we will have representatives from our Landings Ministry available at all of our Masses to encourage anyone who has fallen away from the practice of the faith to reconnect in a safe, non-judgmental way through this special means. I encourage you to invite someone you know to give Landings a try. I especially thank Betty Knapp , our Landings facilitator, and all those who serve with her in this ministry, for being that warm, gentle and inviting presence to those who seek to return to the Lord!

I am happy to inform you that we will be having two special events in Honor of St. Patrick! The first is on St. Patrick Day on March 17. I have invited Bishop Sanchez to celebrate a special mass at 11:00am. Also, there will be an Irish concert at 10:00am in the Church followed by a lunch (corn beef & cabbage ) in the school auditorium after Mass. Tickets for the lunch are $10.00and can be purchased by calling or going to the Rectory. The second event is our annual St. Patrick Dance, which will be held on Sunday, April 15 in the School Auditorium. More information to follow in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for your support!
Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor

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