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Last Saturday I was truly honored to celebrate the First Holy Communion of the young boys and girls of St. Sebastian‘s Catholic Academy. It was a true joy to see the excitement and the love our young people have for our Lord. I also look forward to two more celebrations of First Holy Communion with the young people of our religious education program this weekend. Please keep all our children who received Jesus for the first time in your special prayers!

This weekend, our stewardship and hospitality committee will be available at all of our masses to encourage all our parishioners who are not registered members to consider registering! This is so very important to me and to the staff that we truly know those families who register and support the ongoing mission of the parish. Being registered parishioners of the Paris helps me and the other priest to help you and members of your family who ask for services in the parish or outside the parish. Many people from the parish come to the office asking for help or to be referred to other agencies around the community. It’s much easier to help when we can verify your being a registered and active member of the parish.

To make it easier for you, I have simplified the process and the form that needs to be filled out. The members of Stewardship Committee will help you to fill out the forms or they will give them to you to take home and bring back the following Sunday. Please help us with this and be a registered member of the parish. All information collected from you is extremely confidential and will remain in the Rectory office!

Thanks for your support.

Rev. Kevin Abels,

Adoration of the Trinity