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This weekend the young students from our religious Education Program received their first Holy Communion. It was a beautiful experience of faith for them and me personally. I am so very proud of all the young people in our Catholic Academy and Religious Education program who received Jesus for the very first time. Keep them all in your prayers.

As I mentioned last week at the announcements, I will be celebrating a special Mass for any of our parishioners with a disability. This Mass will be celebrated next Saturday, May 20th at 1pm in the Church. If you or anyone you know has a disability of any kind, please join us for this special Mass of healing.

We just finished another session of our Landings program. Once again it continues to be a very positive experience for those who are involved with it. What an honor it is to gently walk with and guide those who are looking to return to the practice of the faith. This is truly what evangelization is all about, It’s responding to another person’s desire to reconnect with the Catholic Church. Information about when Landings will resume again will be sent in the near future. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to come back to faith. My thanks to all who are involved in this very special ministry.

Thanks for your support.

Rev. Kevin P. Abels,