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The website for St. Sebastian Roman Catholic Church in Woodside, New York.


fr-kevinI am happy to inform you that Bishop DiMarzio will be officially installing me as the 10th pastor of St. Sebastian on Saturday, June 13th at 5pm Mass. I hope all of you can be a part of it as I give thanks to God for giving me the honor of serving you as your Pastor. You know how much I love it here! I love it here because each and every one of you are great! We have so much faith that it inspires me to be the best possible. We. Have done so much together in my short time here! We have added an evening Mass at night 7pm, started all day adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and extended the Rectory hours till 9pm and even added hours on Sunday!

We created 2 additional ministries and societies, doubled the number of students in our religious Education Program, only to name a few. I am not perfect at all! But I promise you that I try and work very hard to do the best I can. I am always present in the parish! I am very proud of that. I know with 6,000 people it’s impossible to please everyone but I hope at the very least you see in me someone who loves being a priest and a Pastor in the greatest Parish in the Diocese!

Thanks for your support