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Today our Parish welcomes Bishop DiMarzio as he celebrates the 10:30Mass for us all. It’s wonderful to be able to welcome him to our parish. It is an opportunity for you to meet him and assure him of our continued support and prayers. It is also an opportunity for him to see the great things happening here because of your support and love of our parish. On a personal note, Bishop DiMarzio is an example to me in so many ways. I truly enjoyed working with him during my time as Vocation Director. He was very supportive and allowed me to try new projects and endeavors over the years. He will always have my support and prayers!

Yesterday, the second graders from our Catholic Academy received their first Holy Communion. Next Saturday, our Religious Education children will be receiving theirs as well. Please keep all the young people in our community who are receiving Jesus for the first time in your prayers.

I thank the members of our parish Stewardship Committee for speaking at all our Masses last weekend regarding the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal. If everyone does their part we can make our goal and help the Bishop continue the Lord’s word in the Diocese!

Thanks for your support.

Farewell Discourse