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This is truly a wonderful time of the year! It is a time when we give thanks to God for the rest and relaxation that I hope all of you enjoyed. We welcome back our Parishioners who might have been away on vacation or visiting family and loved ones. This time of the year is an opportunity to welcome back many of our parish ministries and organizations, which truly give life to the parish! I encourage all of our parishioners to prayerfully consider joining one of our many ministries in the parish as another way of embracing our spiritual life. Please know that I am grateful to all our parishioners for their presence at Mass and for all the prayers and support that you give to our beloved parish! We truly are a parish focused on serving the Lord as best as possible.

Last Wednesday, St. Sebastian Catholic Academy opened it’s doors once again and welcomed 487 students to another year of spiritual and academic formation. Our opening enrollment for the 2017-2018 Academic year is up by 46 students over last year! That is a credit to all the hard work and sacrifices made on the part of our wonderful principal, staff and teachers, which makes our Academy so special and influential in our community. I thank our wonderful parents for entrusting your children to our care! I look forward to another year filled with God’s blessings.

Next Sunday, September 17th at the 10:30am Mass, we will celebrate Catechetical Sunday! We will have a special blessing on all who serve as catechist to many in our Community. A light reception will follow in the school Auditorium.

I am truly grateful to all of your generosity in helping our parish collect monies towards replacing the two air conditioner units on the roof of our Church. I am happy to inform you that because of your help, we were able to raise $6,218.00! Thank you so very much. Now I can go ahead with this project in the near future. We have 6,000 people that come to Mass here every weekend. If each of us does our part, then we can keep our parish current and address any repairs that might come up. Reminder, this is YOUR parish!

Bishop DiMarzio has asked that a special collection be taken up to help with the relief efforts from the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. We will have this collection on the weekend of September 16-17 (next weekend). Thanks in advance for your help!

Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor

God Bless