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On this Christmas Day, we rejoice because of God’s faithfulness in sending us the promise Messiah, The Savor of the world. Jesus comes to bring us the fullness of Salvation. The birth of the child Jesus is an opportunity to reawaken and recommit our lives to His care. I encourage all of us during the Christmas season to spend time with this child. Allow your love for Him to awaken the Lord’s presence in your life!

I want to thank each one of you personally for all that you do for our beloved parish. Your support is always a blessing. I truly am in awe of your devotion to our Parish. I am most thankful for your presence at our liturgies and prayer services. We are truly blessed to have close to 6,000 people come to Mass here on the weekends, and about 300 people at our daily Masses. Your faith inspires me to deepen my own love of my vocation, which is so precious and very important to me!

On behalf of my wonderful priests and staff, allow me to extend to you and your family best wishes for a very blessed Christmas and New Year to come.

God Bless you always!

Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor

Merry Christmas! The Savior is born!