Dear Pastors, Administrators and Volunteers:
What's inside this week's eblast:

  • Annual Catholic Appeal Step-by-Step Instructions & Materials
  • Parish Stewardship Calendar 

As you may have now heard, Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens has finalized plans for an "ACA Virtual Commitment Weekend." This is being conducted across the Diocese to help generate funds for the 2020 Annual Catholic Appeal. The material that has been prepared may be customized for your parish. We request that all parishes proceed as follows:

1. Starting Today - Feature the ACA webpage link on your parish website. 

ACA website which includes information, giving link, and video:

2.  June 24 - Send the downloadable message (below) to all available parish
email addresses on file using your preferred e-communication method.

a.     Please also include a version in your bulletin for the week.

b.     Post the message or consider a recorded video message from the pastor for
your social media account and parish website.

c.     Be sure to fill in the parish name, goal, amount raised and pastor’s
name where it applies.
3. June 27/28 Conduct  Virtual Commitment Weekend

Using the same message, please read the communication during the livestream
of Mass before or after the homily. If you do not stream on Sunday morning,
please consider reading the message on Saturday, June 27th.
Also be sure to post the ACA giving link on your livestream 

To help organize and plan for the remainder of 2020, we have provided a simple calendar detailing parish-led activities by initiative - Annual Catholic Appeal, Generations of Faith and Parish Stewardship Program (formerly Increased Offertory).

For additional assistance with outreach or any other questions, contact your Parish Field Representative today. You may also contact Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens at 718-965-7375 or 

Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn & Queens |718-965-7375 ext. 1602