Next Wednesday, February 3 is the feast of St. Blaise. There is a beautiful tradition of blessing throats during Mass. We ask God’s blessing and protection upon all who may be suffering from any diseases of the throat and most importantly that our throat might always give God glory and honor!

Throats will be blessed after the homily at the 7 AM, 9 Am 12 noon & 7 PM Masses and at a special 3:30 PM Prayer Service in the Chapel.

Next Sunday, February 7, is lay ministry Sunday. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and recognize all who are actually involved in the life of our parish and to encourage others to do so! I have invited all those in the parish who are involved in ministry attend the 1:15pm Mass in which we can ask God to continue to bless them in their most important ministry in the Church.

Lent is moving very quickly upon us. Next week, I will post the many events and spiritual opportunities
that will help us to prepare well for Easter!

Stay Tuned!
Thanks for your support.
Rev. Kevin P. Abels