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Last week’s Corpus Christi Procession was truly an uplifting and profound spiritual event for me and I am sure for all of us! The Lord continues to shower so many Graces upon us here in Woodside. One thing becomes very clear and I hope you are seeing it with the passing of time; when every person surrenders everything to the Lord and when the Lord and His will is our sole desire, we truly become united to Him and to each other! The forces at work against us only unite us more! I truly will believe that our procession came at the right moment! A special thank you to all of you for coming out and showing your love for our Lord!

Please note, from Monday July 1st until the Tuesday after Labor Day, the weekday summer schedule will be 9:00am & 12 noon Monday through Friday. We will continue to have Mass at 7:00pm Wednesday evenings in honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. I am happy to announce once again that Fr. Joy Alookaran will be with us for the month of July. Please welcome him to our parish. Also, Fr, Jim Boyd will be here for the month of August.

This last weekend in June is the end of our parish’s pastoral year. Allow me to take this opportunity to thank the many prayer groups and societies, as well as our leaders, for all you have done to make our parish active and vibrant: We have done so much together. Any reasonable person, seeing the many programs and activities offered by the parish, will know the focus here has always been the mission of Jesus in our community. There is no need to defend or justify what is happening here. The Diocese knows and sees all that is happening. No more needs to be said. All of our time, energy and resources goes into the countless number of events, programs and ministries that gives life to the parish. In order for us to keep our parish active and alive in Woodside, I need your continued support to make it happen. I thank those of you who are committed to working with me to keep our parish focused on Jesus and His Mission. I will not be writing a column until September.

Enjoy your Summer!

Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor

Corpus Christi Procession 2019