st-francis-assisi-prayer-card-641wy9-clipartTuesday, October 4th, we will have the blessing of animals at 3:30 pm in our School yard. It’s an opportunity to ask God’s Blessing, through the intercession of St. Francis of Assisi, upon our pets.

This weekend we will be hearing about our Landings Ministry outreach to those who have wandered away from the faith. Please take flyers that have been made available to you and invite someone you know to give Landings a try.

This coming Thursday, Bishop Vitold, one of our newest available Bishops, will confer the sacrament of confirmation upon 97 of the young people from our community. Please keep them in your prayers.

Next Saturday, October 9th, the Sisters of Mary Immaculate will be selling religious articles to help poor children in our city. Thanks for your generosity. Also next weekend, Bishop DiMarzio has asked that a special door collection be taken up to help the victims of the recent earthquake in Italy.

Thanks for your support.