Father Abel’s Column – Sept. 14th, 2014

We have recently started to lock the gate in the church parking lot (a.k.a. The Jubilee Shrine Parking Area) after the 7:00pm Mass during the week (Mon-Thur). The reason for this is twofold: one, to make sure that our parishioners have a parking space when attending weekday Mass. Many of you have brought this concern to my attention since I have arrived. Parking is very difficult during the week. Many people have told me that they drive around sometimes for 10 minutes looking for a place to park. Many people have told me and the other priests that they do not come to Mass here during the week because of the parking situation. Second, our Faculty and Principal have expressed concern to me in the Spring that some of them cannot find parking because it fills up very quickly in the morning. So because of all this, the staff and I have decided that this action of locking the gates at night is the best solution to address these concerns that many of you have expressed to me. As you can imagine the reaction has been mixed from support to anger and outrage. Certainly this decision is not going to please everyone but please understand that something had to be done and this I know is the best solution. Thanks for understanding!!

This coming Thursday, September 18 to Friday Sept 26 we will have our Novena in honor of San Lorenzo Ruiz at 7:30pm in the chapel. San Lorenzo is the Filipino to be canonized a Saint. Our parish will celebrate a special Mass in honor of San Lorenzo Ruiz on Saturday, September 27 at 12noon in the church. All are welcome!

I am starting a 9 day Novena in honor of Our Lady Undoer of Knots (Sept 29- Oct 7) at 7:30pm in the chapel. The image and symbolism is powerful. Please look closely at our image hanging in the back of the church. The focus of the image is of Mary holding a white wedding ribbon from which she is very gently untying the “knots” of the ribbon. The knot represents marital and/or family conflict. Each novena has a particular focus or intention: Day Praying for struggling marriages; Day 2- Praying for those with addictions; Day 3- Praying for your pastor; Day 4- Praying for your local Bishop; Day 5-praying for the poor; Day 6- praying for the unbelieving; Day 7-Praying for Christians outside the church; Day 8- Praying for the Holy Father and Day 9 praying for your own needs… The Rosary will be prayed each night of the Novena. October 7, the last day of the Novena, is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. The novena this day will be at 6:30 pm followed by Mass at 7pm and then a light reception in the cloister. I thank the Rosary Society for sponsoring this Novena.

Thanks for your support!