I want to thank all of you who supported our 40-hour devotion this past week! It was a beautiful spiritual moment for our Parish. My continued prayer is that we might pray more and deepen our relationship with the Lord!

Prayer is so very important to our spiritual lives. Prayer allows us to keep our eyes on Christ. It is the means by which we can grow in holiness. I continue to encourage all of you and myself, to be men and women of prayer, having a heart to heart conversation with our Lord. A lot of people ask me, “Father, what do I pray about?” It’s a commonly asked question. Some will ask, “How do I begin?” I always say that we should begin by reflecting on what is happening in our lives. Our life and what is happening becomes our prayer. Prayer is the bringing of our life to Christ!

God Bless

Eucharistic Adoration

Rev. Kevin Abels, Pastor