Next Wednesday, November 1st, is the Solemnity of all Saints., a Holy Day of Obligation. Masses will be Tuesday evening at 7:00pm and then Wednesday at 7:00am, 9:00am, 12:00 noon, 7:00pm (English in the Church) and 7:00pm (Spanish in the Chapel). Please make every effort to attend here or at any Church you will be around.

Next Sunday November 5, is our Children’s Sharing of the Word at 10:30am Mass. I encourage all families to attend this special mass where our children are taken to the Chapel where the Word of God is proclaimed to them. Please support this worthy event for our children.

Finally, I need your continued support with our 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal. It is extremely important that we reach our goal so that the Bishop can continue the work of our Lord in the Diocese of Brooklyn through the many pastoral programs that allow the faithful in the Diocese of Brooklyn to encounter our Lord in so many ways! Here us the situation as of Monday, October 23rd: Our Goal is 146,724.00. We have pledged $122,374.00 and the Diocese has received 96,281. As you know, if we do not reach the goal by December 31, then the parish is responsible to give that money to the Diocese so the Bishop can continue the Lord’s work in Brooklyn and Queens. From my heart, I truly thank those of you who have already made a pledge. I ask those of you who have not made a pledge to consider a $100.00 pledge so the parish can reach our goal and assist the Bishop I his pastoral care of the Diocese. I know you will help St. Sebastian come through again.

Thanks for your support

Rev. Kevin Abels

This week’s Gospel: The Greatest Commandment