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Last Tuesday’s Mass was truly a wonderful celebration of the profound impact St. Teresa had on the poorest of the poor! It was also a powerful reminder of how God gives each of us the grace to become holy. I have decided that the monies collected from St. Teresa will go toward helping families in need at St Sebastian. Here is how it will work: If any parishioner knows a family from the parish, who might be in need in any way, they are to let me know of both the family and their particular need. I will personally reach out to the family, meet with them, and then decided how I might be able to help them. I promise to do my best, but please be patient as we might have many families looking for help and helping them will be based on how much money is collected from St. Teresa. I thank you very much with your help to our families in need!

This Sunday marks the 15th Anniversary of the terror attacks on our country and city. Please continue to keep in your prayer those, especially in our community, who have lost their lives and for their families who still mourn their passing. Pray also for peace in our world and for the end of violence and terror in all of its many forms.

Next Sunday is our annual Ministry Fair. I encourage you to be involved in our parish if you are not already. Next Sunday is also Catechetical Sunday. It’s an opportunity for us to pray for all those in our parish who are involved with the teaching of the faith to children and adults.
Thanks for your support.

Rev. Kevin P. Abels