It’s great to see that everything in our parish has started up again! This weekend we welcome our religious education students, parents and catchiests to another year of religious education. I want to welcome Ms. Gloria Gonzaga as our new Director of Religious Education. This Sunday is Catechetical Sunday. It’s an opportunity for all of us at the Parish to pray for all those involved with the passing one of the faith to our children and adults!

Today is also our Annual Ministry Fair. It’s an opportunity for you to get involved in the life of our parish by ministering in our many ministries in the parish. I want to thank all the leaders of our parish organization/societies as well as all those involved in the life of our parish. You allow us to be an active and vibrant parish in so many ways!

Finally, I am asking your help regarding the 2016-2017 Annual Catholic Appeal. Our Goal is $146,000 and as of last week the diocese has received $95,000. I know we will reach our goal but wanted to gently bring this to your attention.

Thanks for your support.